The importance of saying “hello” (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted here, talking about how powerful it is when we say hello to people who come to our church. You can read that post here

Last Saturday, at the Sex & Gender Workshop, James shared a video from a website called Living Out. There were many good things shared there, however one thing that a woman called Tracy shared, caught my attention –

“The thing that really surprised me about my first trip to the church that I now go to, is just how really wonderfully friendly and welcoming everybody was…….they asked me what I did, they wanted to know who I was and they genuinely wanted to get to know me. And then the second and third times I went they remembered my name and they asked about things that I told them I was going to do and it was just very obvious that they were clearly just really happy I was there”

So simple. Showing a genuine interest, asking about the person’s life, saying hello when they come back and being happy to see them – all doable.

We are so blessed that there are often newcomers in our services. Please continue on saying “Hello” so we can welcome our “Tracys”, our “Bills”, our “Dougs”, our “Marys”….

You can watch the entire video here