The power of “hello”

Each week, a break is scheduled during the service & we encourage everyone to say “hello” to someone they don’t know during that time.

Time and time again, when the Team catches up with people who are seeking to connect in with Living Church – they mention how key it is that people in the congregation spoke with them during their first, second, third (& so on) visits to our church.

If the person you speak with turns out to have been a part of Living Church for some time, don’t be deterred. There are many people who call Living Church their church & so it is likely that there are always people each of us haven’t met.

There will be weeks here and there, when chatting with new people is not possible for you. If we all set out to welcome one person each week, then that’s what will happen & the people who need a break that week – will get a break.

Once you have said “hello”, bringing people to the Next Steps Desk to share their contact details, introducing them to someone you know, asking them to join you for Morning Tea or at Carindale after the evening service and continuing the conversation the next time you see them are all excellent ways to deepen the welcome.

It is great to be part of a community that is open and warm. A community where relationships are starting each week.