The church plant in Caribao – A beautiful story by Debbie

Our dear Brothers and Sisters – because of of our Saviour’s blood!!

Our time in Australia is passing quickly and we are confident that the Lord will allow us to go home to the Philippines in April. We are so excited! ?. Many things that we go through on this earth are “bitter sweet” – so here it is bitter somewhat to leave Jubab and our families here in Perth but so sweet to be going back to the work that God called us to.

Meanwhile I am currently teaching the book of Revelation to quite a few of the churches (those that have internet) most Sundays over zoom. This is recorded and then other of the churches that don’t have internet can see these lessons by getting the file. Please pray for me as I prepare each Sunday – it is very challenging material for me to study and teach. I wish my big mate Harry Mitton knew the Talaandig language so he could help me teach it. He taught me so long ago in Bile College.

Anyway please see the attached file of a report of the women from Cauyunan and Tumpagon going to minister to the dear believers in Caribao. Please have a read and enjoy.

Much Love in Jesus, Paul and Deb