Living Church Prayer – 7 April 2022

  • Pray for our Holiday/Easter series – that it will be a valuable opportunity for people to hear the bigger story of the bible, how God has been present throughout the ages, and how Jesus is the fulfilment of all that came before. Pray for Chris as he brings us the message this week on Creation.
  • Pray that as we head into Easter, there will be opportunities to share with family, friends, and colleagues about what we believe, and who we are in Christ. Pray for boldness and clarity, and for the Spirit to go before us.
  • Pray for our Mission Partners
    • The Howells as they prepare to head back to the Philippines, and deal with the grief and sadness of leaving behind family and friends, but also the joy of getting back into the work of the Lord. Praise God for the work that has continued in their absence, and pray that he continues to grow disciples there. Please read the latest update from Paul and Deb in this week’s newsletter
    • Linda McKerrell as she continues to work out what her mission looks like in Australia, as she makes connections and supports young people in overseas mission, and as she settles into her local community and lives for Jesus there. Pray that God will raise up people for the harvest. For more on Linda’s mission, please see the update post in this week’s newsletter
    • Chappy Jules – Thank God for the work that Chappy Jules has been able to do at Cav Road, and continue to lift up the students in need there. For details on specific needs please read the chaplaincy update post
  • Pray for Kids Community Connect
    • Pray for the team as they prepare curriculum, up front content, activities and games. That it would clearly point people to Jesus.
    • Pray for planning – everything from logistics to setting up admin processes. Pray for patience and smooth paths.
    • Continue to pray that we can come together as a church community to make this week happen, and that God will raise up people to take on all the tasks that need doing.
    • Pray for the families that each of us know and can invite. Pray that God will be working in their lives and hearts to bring them along.

Don’t forget you can stay up to date with prayer needs, and submit you’re own prayer requests with the Living Church App. These points are posted each week so you can pray for them wherever you are.