Update from Paul + Debbie Howells

Our Dear Co-workers in the Gospel about Jesus,

Well today is Tuesday April 5, 2022 and it is just 6 days until we leave again for the Philippines (April 11). Mixed emotions describes how we feel. We have had such an awesome time with Jubab and Freya over the past 12 months and their relationship has developed so much and we have been thrilled to just watch them, eat with them so many times, and just be with them — so so much. Our hearts will hurt so much to get on the plane. We will also greatly miss our Mums and both Deb and my families here in Perth. We will miss our church too and the folk there who have shown us love as well as many friends that we have made here in Perth.

But we are also excited that we are going to be able to return home to the Philippines and get back in country and labor again in the spread of the gospel there with our Talaandig and Higaonon Family. We will see our daughter Jen and our 4 grandkids and the many many people who have been saved over the past 35 years who we love deeply and who love us deeply.

The Lord said: Matthew 19:29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.

Deb and I gave our lives for God’s work when we were in our early 20’s — But — how blessed we have been. Many have been saved but we have been the big winners!!! How much it is a pleasure to serve our Savior!

Ministry wise, this last year has been awesome also. We have kept really busy and been able to develop more materials for the churches in Mindanao and most Sundays we have been able to teach the word to a whole bunch of churches in the 2 tribes over zoom. We have been teaching the book of Revelation and it has been really good.

The infrastructure for the mission station in Baungon is getting towards completion with materials currently arriving on site for the church building we are constructing there. Maybe it will be done by June – please pray with us. And then as this area is progressing so well, it seems that we will move into yet another new region – the region of Malitbog. Some of the people from Malitbog (2 different villages) contacted us last month and asked us to come and teach them about how they can be saved.

Sometimes when God shows us that he wants us to do even more and trust him for another region — in my heart I ask the Lord — are we almost there yet Lord??? Do we have the energy? Maybe it will be a bridge too far? It is a massive commitment to move into a new area and sometimes it scares me. (Oh me of little faith) But our Higaonon and Talaandig brothers and sisters are chafing at the bit and they spur us on so much — so Deb and I will push ahead by faith also and trust God will give us all the strength and everything we need to do the things that he wants us to.
Exciting but daunting – again. ?

Well our dear ones, our dear brothers and sisters, we were able to see some of you this year and now we are moving out again. Thanks so much for loving us and encouraging us and praying for us and sending us support and being co-workers in the great work God is doing through us all in Mindanao.

Much much Love, Paul and Debbie