Congregational Meeting Agenda for 18/7/2021

On Sunday 18th April, after the 9am worship service, we will be holding a congregational meeting.
Read on for the meeting agenda or Click here for a PDF version of the text below.

Creek Road Congregational Meeting – 18th July 2021


Meeting to be Held Immediately after the 9am Worship Service

At the Creek Road Ministry Centre, 1541 Creek Rd, Carina, on Sunday 18th July 2021 both in-person and on-line (via Zoom) the Creek Road Carina Congregation is to meet immediately after the 9am service.Dave Thurston will chair the meeting. Dave will ask two members to count and report to him the number of members and attenders present in-person, and two members to count and report to him the number of members and attenders present on-line. He will ask members to raise their hands to be counted (those in-person and those on-line), and then he will ask attenders to raise their hands to be counted.

Open in Prayer

Dave will open the meeting with prayer.

Under the PCQ rules all motions are voted by a show of hands.

Proposal to lease space in Creek Road Campus Carpark for a COVID 19 drive through test site.

Background information has been made available below (at the end of this agenda).

Proposed motion – that the meeting move, second and agree by show of hands to:

  1. That Living Church Carina agree to the proposal from 4Cyte Pathology to enter into a lease for a COVID testing site on the carpark of Carina campus from August 2021.
  2. That the lease after due consultation on acceptable terms with PCQ Receivers, lawyers and insurers be provided to PCQ Property board for endorsement, then to the Mowbray Presbytery for church governance approval before execution by the PCQ Receivers (PwC).

A vote on the above proposal to be conducted after all questions and concerns have been addressed.  A count of members and adherents votes is required.

Update on the call for a Minister

Dave Thurston will provide an update from the board on the next steps to invite a senior minister for the Carina Campus.

Update on PCQ Receivership  

 Previous communications on the PCQ receivership have been provided in the loop newsletter and can be found at :

An update from the board will be provided to keep the congregation informed.

COVID-19 drive through test site at our Creek Road Campus

4Cyte Pathology has approached Living Church Carina with a proposal to lease part of our car park for the purpose of an in-car drive through Covid-19 pathology testing.  The board asks the congregation to look favourably at this proposal for the following reasons:

  1. A community service
  2. Awareness of creek road campus facility
  3. Financial benefit of $5,000 per month to our ministries for the period of the lease

We are aware of potentials issues and have agreed terms to minimise impacts including

  1. A traffic management plan
  2. Public and Products liability insurance
  3. Limited times of conducting the clinic to ensure ministry activities are not impeded (The Tenant may operate from the Premises between the hours of 7am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday. During school term: not before 10am Tuesday’s. The Tenant agrees to temporarily cease operating from the Premises when the adjoining church is being used for a wedding or a funeral provided that the Tenant is given at least 2 business days’ notice in advance.
  4. Clinic staff cannot enter building. They provide own site office and toilet facilities

4Cyte Pathology have their sites listed here:

The lease has been reviewed with input from:

  • the Living Church board
  • PCQ insurance broker,
  • the receivers (PwC)

If approved, the minute of this congregational meeting, along with the lease and supporting documents is sent to the PCQ Property board for endorsement, then to the Mowbray Presbytery for church governance approval, then to PwC as receivers for contract signing. The proposal is to start the lease on 2 August 2021.

If you have any questions regarding this proposal, please call Tim Collard 0408 758 835, or email