Newsletter changes and other communications

We have recently undertaken a review of how and where we communicate things to you guys, and we’re making a few changes, to hopefully simplify things, and make it easier to find information.

Newsletter Refresh

We have made some changes to the newsletter, which you’ll notice taking affect from next week.

We are aiming to make this the main way to communicate important Church news and updates. We’ve rebranded it “Stay in the Loop” to more reflect it’s purpose, and we’ve refreshed both the email, and the web presence.

You will notice the email is now categorised into Newsroom, Community (a curated snapshot from our FB community for those not on FB), Calendar, and Prayer, in order to make it easier to find information.

If you are having trouble with the email, you can access and search the Newsroom, Calendar and Prayer posts online. You can find this at

Sharing Community Together

The main channel for sharing community will continue to be the Facebook Creek Road group. But because we want this space to be for you to build community and share life with each other, you will start to notice less church business and updates being posted here – instead this type of information will appear in the newsletter. So please feel free to share in the community Facebook group – things you found encouraging, would like help with, or would like to share with your church family.

Where to Find Resources

If you are looking for resources like the Series Companion, Grow Daily, Talk catch ups etc, these will still be available at, or through the Living Church App.

We hope these changes help you keep up to date, and find important information as you need it.

If you have any feedback or problems with the newsletter, please email