Young and Financially Fit

On 5 Wednesday nights across Term 3, the Young Adults Growth Group were presented with a course developed by Wealth with Purpose that worked through ways of thinking about and managing money, in a way that brings glory to God. There were 5 modules – God and money, Foundations 1 (budgeting, saving), Debt, Foundations 2 (generosity, insurance), and Before you say ‘I do’.

The course provided a great mix of practical tools, group discussions and personal reflection. It challenged the way we think about money, how our saving and spending is linked with our faith and how abundantly God has blessed us. There was a lot of information that will hopefully be tucked away, in the back of the brain, for future reference as their circumstances change.

For many young people, learning how to responsibly steward their finances is not something they’ve ever learnt and there were many ‘oh yeah that makes sense’ moments as they learnt that it doesn’t have to be a foreign and tricky topic.

‘Young and Financially Fit’ is just one of many courses available – there are courses for people getting married or already married but wanting to learn more around finances and stewardship, there are courses for people heading into retirement age and what that means for them as Christians, plus many others. So watch this space as we look to start rolling out some of these into next year.

As always, if any of this has sparked an interest or you’d like more information, please contact our Finance Manager, Janet Sutton, on or 0438 591 986.