Who might you invite?

Are there people in your life who don’t know Jesus? Who have an idea of who Jesus is that isn’t what we see in the Bible? What about the people who have shown a glimmer of interest when you mention church or Growth Group? Or the complete opposite, the people who are actively hostile, wanting to fight the story of Jesus every time it comes up in conversation?

These are the perfect people to invite along to Christianity Explored.

In fact, the perfect people to invite along to Christianity Explored is anyone who hasn’t heard the story of Jesus from the Bible.

The best “method” I ever heard for extending invitations goes like this:-

You to your friend “I was wondering if you’d be interested in coming along to a course at my church called Christianity Explained?”

Your friend “No”

You to your friend “OK – no worries. Thanks for thinking about it, I’ll ask you again.”

All delivered in a calm and cheerful tone. Not a hint of judgement when they say “No.”  What this communicates is that you care enough to invite them, you have heard them when they said no, and you think it’s important enough to ask them again. Your tone communicates that you care about them, and their answer hasn’t created distance between you. It takes a little practice & prayer – but it’s worth it.

Christianity Explored is a 7-week course, where Jesus, his life and claims are examined. Each evening is a mix of video presentations and discussion. No one is required to read aloud, pray, or do anything more than listen.

The next course at Living Church begins on Thursday 28 July 2022 @ 7:30pm.

To register go to the Next Steps Desk or register on-line now at https://bit.ly/3MZZM8A

Who might you invite? Who might you bring along?