What is your plan to manage God’s money?

Have you checked out the new Financial Resources page on the website?

If you’re looking for a really simple budget tool that allows you to see your household’s income, expenses, and giving allocation (to church and other ministries), then have a look at the “Simple Budget” that was developed by the Living Church Finance team.

Budgeting works! Budgeting helps you to identify where your money is going, and helps you to determine whether you can achieve your financial goals. The key to successful budgeting is knowing and building your surplus. What you do with that surplus is the key to your financial future.

Wealth With Purpose – What a good budget looks like
The Simple Budget allows you to plan out income, expenses and giving on a fortnightly or monthly basis

A budget is a great tool of self-awareness. You can’t become good with money if you don’t know where it is going. An obvious, yet overlooked truth! Secondly, it will help you ensure that you are honouring God with your money.

Wealth With Purpose – What a good budget looks like