What is Christianity Explored like for someone who is seeking?

Last week we asked someone who had been following Jesus for years, their reflections of Christianity Explored.  This week – something a little different.

Ivy Tang attended our Term 1 course and was kind enough to share her reflections on Christianity Explored.

Ivy is a High School Teacher. She is a member of the Johnston Growth Group and she enjoys both the morning and evening services.

What prompted you to go along to Christianity Explored in the first place?

Since a child I went through many ups and downs in life. Fortunately, I had a light in my heart to sustain me, so I took up the challenges with positive mindset.  However, the light dimmed a few years ago and I questioned the meaningfulness of human existence, if we all eventually would have our hearts shattered and if good things never last.

Then my colleague said come to church with me, no pressure. So, I went, and I went again. Soon I got very confused with the unconditioned love that this God gives. Meanwhile, for years my colleague took me in like his family, treated me with warmth and taught me things like a father figure.

Then I thought, how did this happen? Who is this God?

What did you enjoy about Christianity Explored?

I enjoyed the fact that we could meet up regularly, build some friendships and share our stories in a safe environment. This small focus group is great for questions and answers, and I can take time to think, reflect and relate. Coming from a Buddhist background I had many tough questions to ask, however I was encouraged to raise my confusion, and this actually facilitated more open-mindedness and understanding that I had had towards Christianity.

What surprised you during the course?

I didn’t know the night before Jesus was crucified he cried and trembled like any other ordinary human beings. However, his trust in God and pursuit of truth kept him going and eventually completed his mission. Such sturdiness outweighed the fear, which made me think that maybe humans can be given a second chance to choose, to choose good over evil, to choose love over lies.

What would you say to someone who asked you “Should I go to Christianity Explored?”

Whoever asking this question would have been coming to church for a few times. I would ask them what had drawn them to church and whether the question in their head had been answered. If they are still at the crossroad with no streetlights, I would say ‘come to the course, no pressure. I don’t know what decision you would eventually make, but this course will give you a torch, it makes clear the pathways and road conditions around you, so you see more things out there. This course is not an end but a beginning to your personal experience of searching truth in life.’

Christianity Explored was designed to help people who had never encountered Jesus explore the truth about him. 

Who might you invite?  Who might come along with you and have an experience like Ivy’s?

To register, click this link https://bit.ly/3MZZM8A or come and chat with the people at the Next Steps Desk this Sunday.