What has helped you cultivate prayer in your life?

In Term 3, we’ll spend four weeks in John, and then spend the rest of the term looking at 5 practices that make up the rhythms of our Christian life, and the life of the church – Sabbath rest, a life of prayer, time in the scriptures, and large and small gatherings.

We’ll be thinking through what the bible says about each of these topics, but obviously, the application for the series will be very practical.

This week we are looking for ideas to help cultivate a rhythm of prayer.

That’s where we’d like your help…

In order to benefit from the collective experience and wisdom of our church family, we’re collecting stories, tools, and resources that you have found helpful in your own walk – whether it be a book, a podcast, a certain practice, an app, a tool, or just an encouraging story that has helped you wrestle with, or be disciplined in any of these areas. It would be great to share these resources with our church community so others can benefit.

Email us at hello@livingchurch.org.au, or jump on our Living Church Facebook Community Group and share with the community there.