Want to Study at QTC in 2021? There’s still time to enrol.

The latest on study options.

Full-time Study

For those who can, we’d love you to come and study full-time with us here in community for one, two or three years because we believe it’s the best and most effective way for you to be equipped for ministry. We also realise that for many people that’s an impossibility, so we offer flexible options for study. Whatever you choose, we’d love to have you as part of the QTC family, and pray that in God’s mercy he will continue to work in our lives and equip us to serve our Lord Jesus Christ together.

Part-time study

Lectures for each first year unit are often held on the same day of the week, especially for Bible units, providing a great opportunity for those who can carve out one day per week for study.

Online Learning

In semester 1 of 2021 we will be offering CH010-612/812 Reformation in Europe & Britain online. Andrew Bain will be teaching the unit. Online learning is designed in such a way that it is possible to complete a one year diploma online.

Evening Class

We offer one evening unit each semester on Monday evenings from 6-9pm. Over time, it is possible to complete a one year degree with evening units. In semester 1 of 2021 we will be offering NT001-512/712 Jesus and the Gospels on Monday evenings.

Ministry to Women Course (M2W)

M2W is for women in local churches who would love to be equipped to serve Christ more effectively. The focus is on understanding, teaching and applying the gospel of Jesus to ourselves and to other women in the context of one-to-one relationships, small groups and evangelism to women. It is a 12 week course that will be offered on Fridays (10am-1pm) in semester 1 of 2021. The cost for M2W is $400.

Christian Ministry in Islamic Settings

Understanding and engaging with Islam is clearly one of the greatest social and missional challenges the church faces at present. Muslim communities are growing in Australia and we see the impact of radical Islam around the world. In this unit we will explore the many different ways Christians are seeking to engage positively with Muslims in their local communities, as well as across the world. Issues of culture and contextualisation will also be reviewed. This is a must for contemporary Christians. This unit helps Christians understand the history of Islam and the range of interpretations of Islam across the various Muslim groups. We will review biblical and theological perspectives on Islam and look at Christian-Muslim worldview comparisons. The unit will be offered over three pairs of Thursday-Fridays: 18th-19th February, 18th-19th March, 22nd-23rd April and 13th-14th May. Richard Shumack will be teaching the unit.

Philosophy of Religion Intensive

This unit introduces students to some of the most significant thinkers and ideas in the history of the western world and explores how they have shaped the world we live in, and sought to bring the Christian message to it. It considers how Christian theology past and present has influenced and been influenced by major philosophical movements and concepts. It also seeks to help students to critically evaluate the thinkers and ideas studied, as well as their influence upon the church and Christian theology. The intensive will take place on Tuesday 2nd – Friday 5th and Tuesday 9th – Thursday 11th February 2021.

Deuteronomy Intensive for Ministry Workers

This Intensive for Ministry Workers is an advanced level unit (Level 8 & 9). It will be taught by QTC Principal, Gary Millar, who has written and spoken extensively on the book of Deuteronomy. The unit will focus on the text and major themes of Deuteronomy (English text). This will take place through reading, lectures and class discussions. Students will also examine the task and challenges of preaching and applying this book of the Bible. This intensive will take place from Monday 24th – Friday 28th May.


If you do not wish to study for academic credit, you can experience our units as an ‘audit’ student. As an audit student you have access to all the materials and are able to sit in on lectures, but are not required to do assessments. The cost to audit is $400 per unit which is payable upfront and cannot be paid using FEE-HELP.

What’s the next step towards study? Contact QTC registrar@qtc.edu.au.