UPDATE: Pastor Selection Process

Early in April, we gave you an update that the board, selection committee, and staff were proceeding with informal conversations with a candidate for the role of Pastor of Living Church (the Private Phase). 

After having those conversations, the board, with input from the selection committee and staff members, have undertaken a 5-step process of discernment based on prayer and reflection.  

The outcome of this process is the board are planning to invite the candidate to preach for our congregations and provide an opportunity for you to engage with him (the Congregation Phase).  

As part of the process the Receivers of PCQ are undertaking, we have been told to hold off signing all new contracts and major budgetary expenditure. We requested further consideration from the Receivers in proceeding with the appointment of a new pastor, given the nature of the contract being entered into, and the fact that we have allowed in large part for the appointment in our budget. We are in the process of working with them to find the best way forward for this process.  

We will be able to tell you more about the candidate, and timing, once he has had the opportunity to talk to those involved in his current ministry.  

Please continue to pray for this process – for patience for us all, and trust in God as we wait on God’s perfect timing. Please pray for ongoing conversations as we lead into the Congregation Phase. And continue to pray that in everything we will seek God’s will and glory.