Update from the Interim Moderator about the Pastor Selection process

Over the course of 2020, your elected Pastor Selection Committee has been working hard to identify exactly what our church needs in a new pastor, and trying to identify a suitable fit for our church.

This has involved meeting 9-10 times over the year to listen to sermons, contacting potential candidates, and starting conversations.

While to date this has not yielded fruit in terms of a new pastor, it has not been a waste of time.  The process has helped to clarify the type of person we are looking for.

As the Interim Moderator, I’d like to assure you the committee is working hard, and will continue to work hard until we have found and secured a suitable candidate. At this stage, it is anticipated that this will likely extend to the beginning of 2022.

Meanwhile, we acknowledge that we are in God’s hands – the ultimate leader of our church; the true shepherd.

At the last Board meeting, it was announced that Sandra Hinrichsen would be stepping down from the Selection Committee as Board Representative, as she steps off the Committee of Managers. We welcome Henriette Muller to the committee as the new Board Representative

In the New Year the committee plans to let you know when we will be holding meetings so that you can be particularly praying for the process, the committee, and our church.

Please join me as we continue to pray that God’s sovereign and perfect plan works out – pray for wisdom and patience as we continue this process.

God Bless
Dave Thurston – Interim Moderator