Update from the Howells and TAOP

To our Dear Loved Ones in Jesus,

Last week the elders and pastors and missionaries of all of our 6 regions that we now work in gathered together for their bi-annual meeting. They gather together to have fellowship, food, encourage one another and plan for future outreach and church planting. Deb and I don’t go to these meetings as these guys are well capable under the power of the Holy Spirit to do all that God wants them to do. We sit back like Grandma and Grandpa ? and produce teaching materials and other things that these teams need.

If you have facebook – follow facebook pages like this one below as they often put out updates that we can pray with them on. Click on the link below to have a look at this team of Men – (86 of them gathered for this 2 day meeting), and pray for them and have any part you can in this work. The work is roaring ahead but we want more!

These guys are amazing, strong in the Lord and passionate for the Gospel and it is our joy to be their spiritual parents and grandparents and to watch them go, Go, GO!!!

We love this team of leaders and love their growing teams of disciples as well. Together they are reaching hundreds of souls for our Lord Jesus, and almost weekly we are hearing of new people they are teaching. This morning we heard of a University in Bukidnon that have invited some of these evangelists to teach some of the teachers and the students in their Uni twice a week.

Your prayers will hugely help and strengthen them. Pray for their marriages to withstand the attacks of the enemy and the world. Pray for wisdom from the Lord for each one of them. Pray for strength for them on the days they are just exhausted. Pray for more and more opportunities to share the Gospel!

Huge Love in Our Lord who died so we could have life,
Paul and Deb

PS – Tips for Church growth.
Delegation is a must for church expansion and multiplication.
1st – Teach faithful men who in turn will teach other faithful men. (2 Tim 2:2)
2nd – Start to delegate responsibility to your disciple but be there helping, evaluating and giving imput to them for more growth.
3rd – Only delegate responsibility to people gifted by the Holy Spirit and capable to take the task on.
4th – As you disciple grows give them more responsibility and little by little draw back yourself until the delegation stage is complete.
5th – Allow your disciple, now a capable worker for Jesus who can disciple others to minister without you micro-managing him/her. (hard part)
6th – Even if they do some things different from how you would, resist the micro managing urges you may have.
7th – Affirm, encourage and partner and allow God to work through you as a body.