Update from the August Board Meeting

On 24th August, the Session and Committee of Mangers (The Board) met for their monthly meeting.

Staff Review

Following on from discussion last month about the process for reviewing position descriptions and effectiveness in the staff team, the board acknowledge the need for solid administration support for the team, and thank the staff for stepping in during the interim.

As you will have seen in last week’s newsletter, the board have been seeking to fill this part time admin position.

Further discussions between Divya, John, and members of the staff team will happen to continue to improve the position descriptions and effectiveness.

Please continue to pray for the Staff and our leadership as they continue to facilitate ministry at our church

2022 Draft Budget

The Board discussed the draft budget for 2022, and thank Janet Sutton for her work on preparing the scenarios. The board will work with Janet to finalise a budget to be presented to the congregation for endorsement.

Please pray for wisdom and humility as we seek to be good stewards of the resources God has provided.

Food Truck Proposal

The Board, received, discussed, and endorsed a proposal from the staff team to allow a food truck to be available for our church community after the PM service once a month, and use our carpark space as a regular spot during the week. The board have agreed to endorse this proposal with the first visit after the PM service on 19th September.

Pray that this will be a valuable part of our community building here at Living Church.

Ryan Dehnert to finish preaching at the end of the year

The board note that Ryan has advised he will be finishing preaching at Living Church at the end of 2021. The board thanks Ryan for his contribution over the last 2 years. The church will continue to support Mel and Ryan as Mission Partners as they seek to reach people for the Kingdom.

Please continue to uphold Ryan and his family in your prayers as they undertake ministry to unreached people groups, and continues in his role as elder at City South Presbyterian.

Partnership Committee Update

At the August Partnership Committee Meeting, it was discussed that surplus funds allowing a once off amount of $2000 would go towards supporting Deb Duff and the Mercy Ships ministry with which she is currently serving.

The committee also discussed providing in-principle support for a young adult or youth from our congregation to attend the Wycliffe Australia Study tour of Israel. This trip is subject to COVID safe approvals.