Update from the 2021 PCQ State Assembly

Between 26 – 28 July, Living Church hosted the 2021 PCQ State Assembly. Below are some notes and outcomes from the meeting.

Report from the Receivers:

  • As Court appointed Officers, the Receivers are continuing to support the day to day operations of the Church on a “business as usual” basis.
  • The Receivers are spending considerable time and effort researching records relating to congregational and denominational property to ensure they can report the existing trust structures to the Supreme Court. 
  • The Receivers expressed their appreciation for the the cooperation, effort and input from the congregations in providing financial and property information. They understand that this is a substantial impost on volunteers and asked that congregations contact them if the RFIs became overwhelming. However, they encouraged congregations to continue providing the requested information as this will assist them in preparing their reports for the Court.
  • The Receivers have requested an extension of time of 8 weeks for submission of their reports to the Supreme Court of Queensland (12 October 2021). The Assembly agreed to this request.


  • Apollo Aged Care have purchased the three freehold Residential Aged Care Facilities (one in Rockhampton and two in Maryborough), with provision for local congregations to provide pastoral care and support. Transition to the new owner is progressing well.
  • Negotiations on the sale of the three leasehold Facilities (Townsville, Carina and Corinda) have gone well. [We can now confirm that a sale agreement has been executed between the Receivers, the land owner and St Vincent’s Care Services for these residential aged care facilities. As with the previous sale of the freehold facilities to Apollo Care, the transaction is subject to approval by the Supreme court of Queensland.]
  • The care and support of all PresCare’s clients have been and continue to be the primary focus as the divestment of assets progresses. PresCare’s high standard of care has been maintained, and there has been very little evidence of concern or uncertainty expressed by residents and their families during this time. Unannounced audits of the centres have resulted in zero recommendations, indicating the high standard of care being provided by the PresCare team.
  • The Receivers have overall responsibility for and monitor the PresCare aged care operations.


  • The Assembly received reports on all of the PCQ Ministries (APWM, Gospel in Society Today (GiST), Ministry Resourcing, Outreach & Nurture, Presbyterian Youth & Kids (formerly YNET), Ministry Training Network and Training for the Ministry).
  • The GiST (Gospel in Society Today) Committee tabled a paper on “Examining a Christian Posture Towards the World”.  This paper along with other very helpful papers on a range of contemporary social issues can be accessed on their website –  www.gist.org.au.

Queensland Theological College:

  • The total number of QTC students studying towards degrees and diplomas is 130 students. This total includes 46 full-time students and 84 part-time students. Of the total number, 21 are candidates for the ministry. These numbers have increased in the past 12 months and are the highest for some years.
  • It is anticipated that the highly regarded US Theologian Dr Don Carson will visit QTC in March 2022 for an intensive teaching series and to present some public lectures.

PCQ Review:

  • The 2020 Assembly commissioned a review of the PCQ, and a detailed report was provided to this Assembly. (This review addressed the PCQ’s mission, values, culture, structure, code and processes, and included input from a range of stakeholders across the denomination). The full report was included in last week’s newsletter, and can be viewed here.


  • The Moderator-elect for 2020/21, Rev Andrew Richardson (Cairns PC), advised that he would withdraw from that role at the close of this week’s Assembly.  Rev Andrew Purcell (Callide Valley PC) was elected Moderator-Elect. Rev Phil Strong will continue as the Moderator until the PCQ Receivership is finalised, at which time Rev Purcell will be inducted as the new Moderator. Rev Purcell will chair meetings of the Assembly and Commission of Assembly going forward.


  • Presentations were received from the seven Presbyteries within the PCQ, with oversight of 81 Charges. A presentation was also received from the Presbyterian Church in South Australia, which the Queensland Church is supporting administratively.