Update From PCQ Moderator Elect

At a brief preliminary hearing of the Supreme Court of QLD last week, the judge decided to defer consideration of the report from the court appointed receivers until the 17th of May 2022. At that time confidentiality issues will be addressed but, beyond that, it is not anticipated there will be any deliberations on the report content or recommendations until a later hearing.

The Court, the Attorney General and our Queen’s Counsel are operating on the basis that the current Orders limit the distribution of the document. It could be very disadvantageous to the Church if it was distributed more widely now and the PCQ Letters Patent Officers do not wish to provide the report to the broader Church until the court decides how much of the Report is to be made public. Matthew Turnour will provide further context on this matter to Assembly Commissioners at the PCQ Assembly on 21 April 2022.

Yours in His service,
Rev Andrew Purcell
PCQ Moderator-elect
Presbyterian Church of Queensland