Update from Paul and Debbie Howells

Well Good Morning – All of our brothers and sisters because of Jesus’ grace and his payment for our sin,

We are into August now and it is another month that the Lord has given us all. I have a few minutes this AM so thought I would give you a few things to pray for.

Our teaching on Revelation to the Talaandig and Higaonon churches over zoom each Sunday is going REALLY really well. I have been able to teach every Sunday as I asked you to pray and all of the messages and other Rev materials are up on the website for future TA and HIG churches to access (provided the Lord tarries). We have also been producing study guides, pictures and power points to complement the movie format of the teaching each week. We are almost finished with Rev chapter 14. Will start studying for chapter 15 this week. If you want to have a look at some of these pictures and PowerPoints that we have made feel free to have a browse. https://1drv.ms/u/s!An7ZuF_O8y3qg5lYzLYcUygwtkTL0A?e=POXlGs

We have also been discipling a Cebuano team to re-duplicate all of this material in the Cebuano language. So eventually we will have all our NT Bible teaching in both Talaandig, Higaonon and Cebuano formats. There are probably about 30 million Cebuano people in the Philippines and not many Cebuano materials available so this will potentially be a great blessing to the Cebuano church.

Tomorrow (Thursday Aug 4) our Dulangan Region is beginning a major new thrust in outreach and evangelism. Already they have such a great workload and many times just get to work their farms for 1-2 days each week due to their time being taken up with teaching God’s word. They will be travelling between 2-3 hours to these outreach areas each week – to the villages of Masigpa, Takotak, Brgy3, Landing San Antonio, Lantud Patpat, Bitaog and Limonsodan and they will spend 2-3 days there each week teaching in all of these areas. They have already spent extensive time surveying these areas and there is strong interest from the people of these villages. Please pray for them as they outreach – pray that the harvest will continue. There will be about 6 men going out each week from the Dulangan region to do this evangelism and maybe a few from the Lapoc region will join them. For sure Satan will oppose this thrust BUT God is the owner of power.

The Baungon church building is basically completed now apart from louvers that are to be installed that have not arrived yet. Thanks for praying with us about this.

We will begin the extension of the San Miguel church building and also construct a church building for Tumpagon within the next month or so. In Tumpagon we have a Higaonon church that has a lot members but we have been reaching many Cebuano people that have moved up into that area so this will be a 2nd church building for the village of Tumpagon for the Cebuano people to use – their number is getting quite large.

Our house/office plans for our new CDO property are completed and we are just waiting on approval and then we will construct.

Deb and I are encouraged and feel like we are being used and we are happy.
We do miss Jubab and Freya though greatly.
Thanks so so much much for standing with us in the work here ?.
Love you all in our precious Jesus,

Paul and Deb