Update from Paul and Debbie Howells

Our Dear Co-Workers in the Gospel,

Sunday afternoon here in Mindanao and it has been a really good day. The Zoom meeting went great this AM and we completed teaching Revelation chapter 14. It has been such an enjoyable study for us and the believers are absolutely loving it being taught to them. Next Sunday we should be able to do the whole of chapter 15 and then I am taking Debbie away for our wedding anniversary for 3 nights – it will be 38 years ?

The new outreaches in the new Talakag areas are going amazing and I wanted to give a quick update on them. They are teaching in basically 2 different areas up there.

  1. In areas surrounding the village of Lantud which we have tried to reach in the past but failed. This time around there is far more interest and Udi (our son in law) and the guys teaching there taught 106 people yesterday. Please pray that this area will continue to receive God’s word as it is taken to them each week and that the group will continue.
  2. Several areas in the township of Talakag. There are some churches already in this town but many of our Higaonon believers have unsaved relatives there who are yet unreached so this prompted outreach to this area. Yesterday they taught 60 people there. Pray!

So all up they are teaching 166 people so far in this new outreach effort. Please keep praying! There are 9 men on this outreach team and they leave the Dulangan region each Friday morning and don’t get home until late on Saturday night. Yesterday they got home at almost midnight. It is a long way – Please please pray for them ?

This week we have our first Missionary Conference. It begins on Tuesday and goes until Thursday. All of our home grown missionaries will attend and we number about 25 + their kids will come also and a couple of ladies who will run a program for the children while their parents are in sessions. I will do the teaching in 8 different sessions. It will all be “missionary training” teaching and all the sessions will be recorded and put up on the web to help train future missionaries. It is a big prayer and praise point.

Our house/office plans are completed and hopefully it won’t be too long and we will be given the go ahead to construct. We are excited and can’t wait. ? A sad thing that happened – we rescued a little cat about 2 years ago. He was lying on the highway, parched, unable to walk, about 8 weeks old and the road was so, so hot which made it inevitable that he was soon to die. Well we picked him up and adopted him and he was a beautiful little boy. About a month ago our neighbour’s dogs killed him and it broke our hearts. We are such frail people ☹ —- Anyway we buried him on the land where the new building will go up – so he moved there first.

Much Love our dear Brothers and Sisters, Paul and Deb