Term 1 Workshop

On the 25th of February we are having our term 1 Living Church Workshop. The topic is ‘How to read your bible well’ and everyone between 12 to 100 years old is encouraged to come along. We’ll be looking at why we need to interpret the bible, how to read the scriptures in context, how to read the different parts of the bible differently, and how to apply what we learn from the scriptures to our own lives. There will be ‘all in’ learning and small group learning and you’ll come away from the day with a deeper understanding of how the scriptures work and a greater confidence that you can understand and apply God’s word to your life. Please click this link to register. See you there! https://creekroad.elvanto.com.au/form/1a5bb42c-8297-482c-9034-13823b5753c2