Taking the pause button off the Ministry Centre Outdoor Project

At the Towards 2021 event held Wednesday night 25 November, Mal Griffin and Tim Collard presented an update about the outdoor project. We were updated on the board’s April 2020 decision to pause the project until the impacts of COVID on our people and finances were understood.

We were asked if the timing was right to now progress the project. There was healthy and open discussion with people voicing their thoughts on both sides. Overall, there is a desire to move forward and it has been agreed to proceed to tender and for the committee to come back to a future meeting with progress and recommendations from the tender process.

There has been over 2 years since we started this project. That’s a lot of time to attempt to remember the history, process and progress! To that end, we are pleased to supply a summary of the outdoor project in this document.

Within the document is outlined the next steps. Please find that summarised here…

If you have any questions, please contact the office: 33984333 or office@livingchurch.org.au