Sunday services begin next week!

We’re just over a week out from our first Sunday gathering at the ministry centre since March, and there’s a bit of excitement around as you might expect.  Obviously with COVID restrictions still in place, Sundays will be a little different.  There are more details on this in this post from a couple of week’s ago.

One detail in particular that you may have noticed is that we are faced with a capacity problem.  As such, we’ve set up an RSVP system, to allow people to reserve seating and to ensure we protect ourselves health-wise and against breach of restrictions.

You will need to register before attending each Sunday service in future, until otherwise informed.

We are using an event management system to achieve this.  Each week, you will need to visit the following web page to register and reserve your seats for that weeks Sunday service.

Click here to register and reserve your seats.

You can bookmark this post if you like, but we will aim to make this link accessible each week.  The process is pretty self explanatory and you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your registration.  If you require assistance with anything at all though, please reach out to the office via phone or email – 07 3398 4333 –  It would also be worth keeping in mind anyone you know of who might not have access to the internet or newsletter and to consider reaching out to them to see if you might help bring them up to speed and perhaps help them register also.

I will also take this opportunity to remind everyone, that while this is an exciting development, we are all still obligated to follow the ongoing general restrictions:

  • Social distancing, 1.5 metres and hygiene
  • Stay at home if you’re sick (remember, the morning service is being live streamed also)

Let’s continue to care for each other well.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates as we approach next Sunday.