Staff Update

  1. Resignation of Tim Collard from Staff

On Friday, 23rd July, Tim provided his resignation from his role as Ministry Operations Manager at Living Church to accept a full time role with Vision Christian Media as IT Services Manager.  Tim’s last day on staff will be Friday 20 August. Tim has led the ministry operations team over the past 8 years. In that time there have been many changes at Living Church and Tim has been behind the scenes ensuring that our church continues to operate, Tim continues to serve as a member of Living Church leading a growth group and assisting with the technical side of our church. Our congratulations go to Tim in his new role.

  1. Thank you to Petrina and Tim

This Sunday evening we will be taking time to thank Petrina and Tim for their time on staff of Living Church and praying for their new direction serving God. If you cannot join in this at the 6pm service there will be an opportunity to view a video in next week newsletter.

  1. Staff Review at Living Church

The staff team at Living Church have done a fantastic job over the past 2 years. Not only has the team dealt with the departure of a senior pastor in 2019, reduction in Ministry Trainees and other support staff but has handled COVID 19 and the PCQ Receivership. The board has been inviting a staff member to each board meeting this year to hear any concerns, focus on the role and pray for them.  However, the board recognise that change takes a toll personally and God opens opportunities to refresh our gifts and ministry.  The board wants our church to be in a healthy state when a new pastor commences in 2022.  Earlier this year the board initiated a review of staff. This is a significant task involving the team providing input, adjustments to position descriptions and reallocating tasks and resources. Please pray for the staff and the board as this continues over the coming months.