South Sudanese Refugee Bibles

A few years ago the Australian Presbyterian World Mission launched an appeal to buy Bibles for our brothers and sisters who are in the refugee camps in western Ethiopia because of the ongoing civil war in South Sudan.

Logistical issues like supply of bibles (hard copy and audio) in the native Nuer language, and things like transport into the camps on roads patrolled by bandits, camps in lockdown because of COVID-19, and having to carry the boxes in on foot, have all played a part in getting these bibles to where they were needed.

Last weekend APWM received confirmation that 9,000 Bibles and 200 audio Bibles have been placed into the hands of the believers in the camps.

Thank you to those that contributed prayer and funds for these bibles. If you want to know more about this story, here is a video that has been produced by APWM –

Please pray that God can use these bibles to his glory.