Selection Committee Update – James Snare to Preach for a Call on Sunday 12 September

We have confirmed with James that he will be preaching via livestream at both Carina services, and at Springfield, on Sunday 12 September.

This is an important moment for our church, and the search for a new pastor.

Sunday 12th September will be your opportunity to hear James preach, after which the board will be asking us to consider and vote on inviting him to be the pastor of Living Church at a congregational meeting on 26 September.

Here is the proposed timing of this process

  • James to preach at both services at Carina, and at Springfield on 12 September
  • Any questions from the second conversation (available 5 September), or coming out of hearing James preach, will be addressed in a third conversation
  • The board will get feedback through growth group consultation in the week 13-19 September
  • The board will call a congregational meeting for the 26th September.

Questions for the second conversation with James.

Don’t forget, if you have questions for James or Fiona, the board invite you to submit for a second conversation to happen next week. Please send your questions to