Rhythms of Church Life Intro

This series focuses on some of our most common practices as Christians. Specifically, our aims are to discuss what they are, why they are important, and what it looks like for us to live them out and be shaped by them as Christians.  

The Rhythms we are looking at are:  

  • Sabbath 
  • Bible Reading 
  • Prayer 
  • Large Gatherings 
  • Small Gatherings 

Some of these rhythms are things we do together as believers, some of them we do on our own, and several of them are done both in the context of our church gatherings, smaller gatherings and in our personal time.  

Some of the ways that we do these things are shaped by our liturgy* at Living Church. Some of them are shaped by our personal and family Christian experiences (other churches, family devotionals, university ministry, etc). Some of them by books we’ve read or other teaching we’ve heard. 

What’s important though is that we all together understand what the bible says about these things, the reasons that we do them the way that we do at Living Church and the reasons we do them ourselves. There are many different ways to live out each of these things and its good for us to be deliberate in how we do them as a church family, households, and as individuals who are all called to love God and each other in order that we might grow and mature together.  

The studies are designed to take us on a tour through the Scriptures and through biblical history so that we can think through what it looks like to live out these practises today in light of the coming of Christ. His coming has changed the way that we engage with some of the experiences of God’s people before the cross. But the words of wisdom from the Old Testament can still inform our thinking about what it looks like for us to use them well today. For the most part, the passages work their way through the bible chronologically. To help you know a little about the different books that are quoted, a brief context statement is given for each passage.  

May we all enjoy exploring these Rhythms of Church Life together.  

* ‘Liturgy’ is the order or form of public worship