Responding to complex issues in truth + love – opt in session after church this Sunday

Over the last few days there has been media criticism and social backlash from a revised enrolment contract put out by a local Christian school – a community within which a number of our congregation are staff, parents, alumni, and students.

The modification that has received so much public attention is the explicit statement of their biblical convictions around the issue of gender identity, and how they will treat this issue in the context of the school.

A lot of the media has been painting the school in a pretty negative light, with quotes from the statement of belief being used to highlight the ‘intolerance’ of not just the school, but of Christians in general.

But at the heart of this matter, is how do we uphold what the bible says about how we’re created as man and woman (Genesis 5:1-2) and how we’re to relate to each other (or for that matter any biblical conviction that goes against popular culture) but continue to love those around us that have different worldviews.

This Sunday after both the morning and evening service, James will be staying back for an opt-in session thinking through how we can respond to these sorts of issues in ways that are sensitive, loving, and gracious to those around us, and honouring to God.

In the meantime, if you are struggling with anything that this current situation has brought up, please reach out to your growth group leader, or call the office on 3398 4333.

Please continue to pray for our families affected by this immediate situation, and for anyone who might be struggling because of issues this has brought to light. Continue to pray that as God’s people we can be light in the world, and be gracious to those that we disagree with.