Reflections of Christianity Explored

For seven weeks last year, two young guys, along with a number of others, endeavoured to explore Christianity. One of them had grown up around the name Jesus, knew the bible well and attended church all his life. The other had no experience of faith, didn’t know God and was armed only with his own curiosity. For both of them, the experience of sitting down with the word to unpack what it means to be a believer and exploring the character of Jesus, has shifted their perspective on faith.

For the Christian

Sam Pryde is the former, and originally decided to attend the program to encourage others to come along. However, it offered an opportunity to re-acknowledge his relationship with Jesus, and to return to the clarity and joy found in the simple gospel. Christianity Explored was no longer a way of just encouraging others, but also encouraging his own walk with faith. Perhaps the greatest gift the course has offered was the friendship that bloomed between the two guys, who now meet regularly to read through the bible and pray. Their meetings offer to each of them different life perspectives and questions to help strengthen each other’s faith.

The not-yet believer

Flynn Clifford-Smith is the latter, who came to church with very little knowledge of who Jesus was. He notes that Christianity Explored was clear and relevant to him and his situation, and that conversation and content alike was deeply welcoming to the newcomer. In this way, Flynn encourages everyone to consider going, “CX helps in knowing Jesus, who he is and what he did, and what it means for us now.” As Sam is testament, there is something to be said for everyone returning to answer these questions. Much to the joy of both Flynn and our community, the program has opened the doors of Christian faith to him, and he has since been baptised!

The program has offered a deep well of growth, understanding, connection, love and community to both Sam and Flynn, whom, despite their differing backgrounds, have both grown through their involvement in it. It is so encouraging to see how faith can take many forms in individual lives, but remains deeply rooted in the gospel of Jesus, and in that way, is something we all intimately share.

The next Christianity Explored Course

Starting 29 July, we will be running the next Christianity Explored course at Living Church.

If you are interested in finding out more about Christianity Explored and what it might mean for your journey with Jesus, please check out , ask your GG leader about it or head to the Next Steps Desk after your Sunday service.