Production Team Training Night, a success!

On Tuesday night, 13 Production team members (data, sound, Livestream, stage managers, data and lighting) together with 3 music team leaders came together for some training. Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos of the night.

It was a valuable time to reflect on how these important ministries contribute to our church, and the kingdom work, and to figure out how to best use these skills and gifts to help people engage in worship.

After a great meal, we spent some time thinking about and praying for

  • how we stay connected to Jesus whilst serving in technical roles
  • we broke out into areas to do some skills training as well as workshop improvements in each area
  • we shared improvement ideas

It is a great privilege and blessing to serve alongside the following team members:

  • Sound: Celina Fyffe, Matt Nicholl, Frazer Whitwell, Tom Neville, Vicki Meehan
  • Data: Petrina Rangiawha, Richard Nicholl, Marius Muller, Josh Evans, Corey Robb
  • Stage Managers: Tina Evans, Zoe Harland
  • Livestream: Brett Stein, Ben Jackson, Will Henderson, Tm Royce, Tim Collard.
  • Music team leaders: Shane Williams, Hayden Wilcox, Brad Cole.