Pray for our denomination

1.Despite human failure, that we embrace that the Lord has not failed us, so we should rest in him, and praise that he is trustworthy and loving

2.That God will grow our denomination, leaders, and ourselves through these present concerns

3.That our witness to our loving and sovereign God is enhanced

4.For our sister churches struggling because they were dependent on the money held in trust at church offices, which they’re unable to access at the present time.

5.For patience and generous attitudes towards each other in the uncertainty of the situation as it stands, and as details come to light over the next few months

6.That God would use this present situation to humble us, and make us more dependent on him

7.For the 3 trustees (LPOs), Phil Strong, Stu Hoadley, and Paul Cotton – and the church leaders supporting them – that they would rest and trust and in their heavenly father for strength for the task ahead of them.

8.That we are given greater clarity that our true hope, life, and security is found in Christ alone

9.That we seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness, so anxiety doesn’t control us

10.For the clients, families, and staff of the aged care facilities affected – like Vela – that they will be looked after.