Praise God for our Partners in the Gospel in the Philippines

On Tuesday night, our Partnership Committee had their monthly meeting to discuss and think through how we support our partners in the Gospel, both here in Australia and those serving in overseas mission fields.

It was a great joy to receive this mail from Paul and Debbie Howells who work with the Tala Andig Outreach Program in the Philippines – and have been working on a New Testament translation into the native Tala Andig language. It’s a copy of their finished translation, with a message of encouragement and thanks for the partnership we have enjoyed together.

This copy of the Tala Andig New Testament and the card we received will be up at the Next Steps Desk if you would like to have a look.

There are also some updated support reminders and prayer updates from a few of our partners on the black shelves behind the sound and data box.

Please continue to pray for our partners as they seek to share the gospel with people who need to hear it