People required next week to help PCQ unpack archives

Recently PCQ Church Offices has moved from it’s Milton location. Part of this move included transferring the PCQ Archive.In the process of moving the archives, an insect infestation was uncovered which meant the affected archives were taken to freezer storage to stop this insects.

These items have been frozen for one week, and need to be removed from storage and taken to both Spring Hill and Southside before the next stages of this process can occur.PCQ would like some people to help with this move.

See the details below from PCQ – if you can help, please contact Russell Van Delden or Kate Mitchell directly (email address at the bottom).

Stage 2 – Unbagging and Shelving Defrosted Boxes: 16-17 NOVEMBER

We will again need at least 6 people at Spring Hill AND 6 people at Southside to ‘unbag’ each box (boxes have a protective layer of garbage bags), unbox, clean and shelve the contents.

This process will be particularly thorough at Spring Hill, and will take place on Monday 16 November (during Office Hours) and Tuesday 17 November(from 12pm, until finished).

At Southside, this will take place on Monday 16 November(office hours), with potential to continue on Tuesday 17 November (from 12pm until finished.)This stage will include active work, but also has methodical and thorough roles that require some attention to detail.

If you are able to assist in this process, please contact Russell Van Delden or Kate Mitchell –