PCQ Review – Have your say

Reviewing the healthy and culture of PCQ 

Last year, PCQ assembly resolved to commission  a review into the health and culture of the Qld denomination, during he first half of 2021. The review, including gathering of feedback from church members, and visits to presbyteries, is underway, with a report to be delivered at the June 2021 state assembly.

The review is structured around 5 questions that are designed to get us thinking about what a healthy denomination and church might look like going forward. 

4 papers have been written by church members in the denomination responding to these questions, and the review committee is asking members from all PCQ churches to engage with these papers, think through the questions themselves, and provide feedback of their own.

Have your say

A closed Facebook group, and a dedicated website has been set up, where you can find the 4 papers and provide feedback