Paul + Debbie Howells – 3 Updates from the Regions

Our Dear Co-Workers in Jesus,

Boy … it sure has been a busy-busy time over here and most weeks/months we have found ourselves Running to the wire to be prepared for our Sunday internet meetings and often times we also preach in different places up in the mountains during the week or on camps etc. But God is energizing us and we are so pleased that he desires to keep using us.

There are 3 different updates that have come in from 3 of the teams we have in these said regions. I am going to put 3 links below so you can read what our Filipino co-workers have to share about our works in these different areas. Take time to read them as they are so encouraging. ? Sorry it has taken so long to get these up on the web as we have not had the time to translate them. We get them in Talaandig and translate them into English so you all can read them. Hopefully we will do better in 2023.

Rogongon Region Update (From May 2022 – sorry) –

Dulangan Region Update (From June 2022 – Sorry again) –

Baungon Region Update (All caught up now ?) Also known as Kalanganan. –

We will touch base soon before Christmas,

Love Paul and Deb