Partnering with Miki Rangiawha

Hi church family!

On the 14th of August I will be embarking on a 3-month mission trip on the Logos Hope. I would like to invite you to take part in this mission by praying for me.

Logos Hope is a ministry of Operation Mobilisation. The ship is a floating bookfair that travels all over the world. While I’m onboard I will be in Seychelles, Tanzania, Kenya and Madagascar. The crew from the captain to the housekeepers are all volunteers supported by their family, friends, and church.

Each crew member works 40 hours a week in their allocated department. I’m not sure yet where I will serve. One day a week I get to join a ministry team for onboard program or onshore event. I will also get one day of rest. Here is a link to a video for the Short Term Exposure Program I will be joining:

This experience will allow me to serve God and his people in a unique way. I hope to grow mentally and spiritually. I know I will be stretched in this fast-paced multicultural community so far away from my loved ones and my family.

If you want to support me with prayer I’ll be updating those in the newsletter 🙂

I will be returning to Brisbane on the 9th of November. Please pray for my journey to the ship at Seychelles that everything will go smoothly. Pray that I will transition well into the ship life and make good connections and new friends onboard the ship. Pray that I will be able to serve God and His people well and grow in my faith and knowledge of God.

God bless you all!

Kind Regards,

Miki Rangiawha.