Outdoor Project Update – outcome of congregational meeting

On Sunday 18 April, a congregational meeting was held to vote on a way forward for the outdoor project. Mal Griffin gave an update on the changes to scope of the building project and John Wallace explained how this would be funded.

Everyone present was given plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and speak for or against the motion. This format was used to give everyone who wanted the opportunity to have a say, and to ensure the congregation considered a balanced view. The committee are thankful to hear both sides of the discussion. Members spoke with conviction and love. People told us that whilst they may not agree with the decision, they felt heard.

The substantive motions (2 and 3) were passed with 76 for and 12 against.

  1. Note the explanatory paper outlining the revised scope of outdoor project and funding and discussions provided at meeting.
  2. Approve the revised plan and scope of works as explained in explanatory paper and at meeting.
  3. Approve additional funding from the capital fund of $54,700 above the agreed project budget of $505,000, approved in October 2018, to be applied to revised project scope.
  4. Authorise the committee of management and session (board) to negotiate a satisfactory contract with preferred builder resulting from tender evaluation to commence works as soon as feasible for submission to appropriate signatories.
  5. Advise Mowbray Presbytery of the revision in costs and scope to the approved project.

We are finalising the revised construction documents in support of the industry standard contract.

Mowbray Presbytery has received the revised plan and costing. The final approval now lays at Mowbray Presbytery on Tuesday 4th May 2021.

We hope to sign the contract by the end of next week. We will keep everyone updated as the project progresses and impacts on the facilities at Living Church, Creek Road.