October Board Update

On 27 October the Committee of Management (COM) and Elders of Living Church met for their monthly meeting.

The Outdoor Facilities Project

At the beginning of lockdown, the board requested a temporary hold on projects and expenditure, including the plans for the outdoor project at the Creek Road Ministry Centre.

At the October meeting, the board was asked to consider the recommencement of this project.

More information on how this might progress will be presented to the congregation as part of the Towards 2021 event, with an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback

Living Church Managers and Elders for 2021

The COM and session have resolved that there will be 5 Manager seats for 2021 – 4 being elected by the Creek Road congregation, and 1 by the Springfield Congregation. Voting for these will happen at congregational meetings after the Sunday services on 29th November. More details will be released via the newsletter over the next few weeks.

Salvation Army request to Use the Creek Road Facility

Living Church was recently approached by the Carindale Salvation Army to request the use of our ministry centre to overcome COVID restrictions for their congregation. Given our relationship with the Salvation Army who own the property next door to the Creek Road Ministry Centre, where the “youth house” used to sit – the board agreed to grant the request. Please be praying for the team as they try to negotiate suitable and safe arrangements to help our neighbours in this matter.

City South Campus Update

The board received an update from Nathan Campbell and Phil Richardson on the progress of City South campus towards becoming their own congregation. In particular, the Mowbray Presbytery has agreed that as of 1 January 2021, the Living Church charge will be split into 2 separate charges – one that will include Creek Road and Springfield campuses, and a new charge consisting of the City South Congregation.

Please join us in praying for the leadership team and congregation at City South as they progress towards independence.

Creek Road Auditorium – Sunday Service Capacity

Over the past few weeks, we have been encouraged to see more and more people returning to our face to face Sunday services. The board spent some time discussing the impact on capacity, and options to manage this going forward.

Please pray for the staff team as they work to maximise available space across our 2 services.

Senior Pastor Selection Committee

The Board received an update from the Selection Committee, and would like to report they are in the process of contacting potential candidates.

Please continue to pray for wisdom for the selection committee, and patience as we undertake this process.