New Team Members at Playtime Connect

Each week of the school term – parents and little kids come together in our Hall for Playtime Connect. It’s pretty fun with dolls, cars, dress-ups and morning tea spread around the floor. Story time is the best.

The aim of Playtime Connect is to build relationships with families from the community and through those friendships introduce them to Living Church and ultimately to Jesus.

It’s fun and busy and we are so glad to welcome two people to the Playtime Connect Team.

Gabby Pine (left) and Tina Evans join long standing team members Charissa White, Vanessa Hooper, Di Fittell and Judy Lee to play, chat and to hold little kids to give parents a break. They are a big support the Living Church parents as together they all share Jesus. It is such a joy to have people serve together in ministry teams.

Thanks Tina and Gabby.

If you would like to bring your kids to Playtime Connect, it happens every Tuesday morning of the school term – starting at 9:30am at the Ministry Centre.

If you would like to talk through serving in a Living Church Ministry Team – chat with someone at the Next Steps Desk or email