New Sunday Service RSVP system… Please Read

This week we have switched the platform we use for collecting RSVPs and collating contact tracing data.

The current RSVP system has served us well, but it has it’s issues. We’ve been working around these issues since June and so we’d like to try a new system which addresses these issues and will make the overall contact tracing effort easier and more reliable.

The new system uses Eventbrite to manage events and bookings. You will notice a different look, but fundamentally similar process in booking seats for yourself, and your household.The new system does have a function where you can copy the booker’s information for each ticket, but please note you have to change the name from the booker’s to the ticket-holder’s name.

Once you complete your registration, you will receive an email containing a PDF of your tickets. Keep this handy, and bring it along on Sunday.

Please be aware you will also receive an email for each of the people you registered. These emails will require people to create an Eventbrite account to “claim” their ticket. Unless you require each party to have their own copy of the ticket, you can largely ignore these emails.

If you have any problems with the new system, please contact the office or 3398 4333