New Music for Ephesians – Part 1

As we launch into Ephesians this term we have a diverse selection of 3 new songs that we will be singing.

The first of these songs is Rejoice The Lord Is King. Some of you might recognise it as a an old Charles Wesley hymn, but we haven’t sung it for ages. It comes with a new arrangement by Emu Music.

Bloss Wilson from Springfield campus who picked the song says this about it:

Ephesians calls us to behold our risen and reigning King Jesus… the one who has conquered sin and death and Satan… and to form a habit of hope in our lives because of his cosmic victory. This song helps us to meditate upon the riches of these truths in Ephesians, and to respond as we rejoice in song because Jesus is King. Cf Acts 26:7-8 – Paul speaks of the hope that he has, that God can raise the dead and Jesus is alive and reigning.

Also don’t forget we have a Spotify playlist with all our songs (including all 3 new ones – can you work out the other two?)