New members for the morning Welcoming Team

A warm welcome is so important when people arrive.

For the new comer, a lovely smile makes walking up to our doors so much easier. For the people who have worked hard to get to church, those for whom the morning is not easy, for the parents who have had to “encourage” their kids along and for the people who are weary from a big week – welcoming makes a difference. We all love to feel at home, as soon as we can. Warm welcome start with the people on the door.

Jen and Graham Acworth begin serving on our Morning Welcoming Team from today. They have been part of Living Church for some time and they are members of the Webb Growth Group. They took a little time, when asked to join the Welcoming Team, to think & pray – we are so glad that they accepted our invitation. Thanks Graham and Jen.

If you are interested in serving in one of the Ministry Teams at Living Church, please come and see someone at the Next Steps Desk or chat with your Growth Group Leader.