Morning Tea Serve Invitation

Recently we joined together for a Thanksgiving service and celebrated what God is doing at Living church. The morning tea that followed was a reminder of how much we enjoy the chance to fellowship together after the morning service.

In 2022 we will start the morning tea with drinks only after the service. We look forward to enjoying some food in due course.

2022 brings new serve opportunities too!  We would love to provide Barista coffee and regular tea/coffee every week after morning church.  Please consider if you could serve our church by helping with this ministry. We will also be conducting some inhouse Barista training so no prior experience needed. This is also a good opportunity to enjoy a coffee and be trained by our leading coffee connoisseur Tom Fittell!

If you are available to serve with the Morning Tea team in any capacity in 2022, please respond to Kerrie at  This can include setting up prior to church, serving regular beverages or providing barista coffee.

I look forward to serving alongside you in 2022.

Kerrie Dahler