Merry Christmas from the Philippines

Our Dear Fellow Followers of Jesus,

Debbie and I send so so much love to you all this Christmas time. A time where we don’t need to wear mask any more, Covid is waning — and Jesus is alive and continues to work through his children all over the world.

Debbie’s birthday is Christmas eve so I was wondering —- “What will I do for my wifey this year?”? This was about a month ago. Then we got a note telling us that the Lapoc region is holding a conference on December 24-25 — so that made my brainstorming easy as they told us that I am one of the speakers. ? So we plan on spending Deb’s birthday and Christmas day in Lapoc with our beautiful brothers and sisters up there. I think it is just what we need, and God knew it and we are excited. We are lonely for our brethren from that region.

This morning (about 10 minutes ago) the Lapoc team sent us the program and it looks like it is going to be a really wonderful time. 4 Speakers, Lots of yummy food, great fellowship and then on Christmas day just before lunch we are going to have a baptism. 189 new believers are to be baptised. The believers in the Lapoc region have been busy and buying up opportunities and people have fallen in love with Jesus as they have heard what he did for them, and they have accepted his payment and his offer of Salvaton through his blood poured out for them – so they could be redeemed and saved. Praise God!!

Please pray this time will be truly God glorifying time as well as a time where us believers in Jesus are edified and encouraged.

Then in the first week on January we have been invited to the Baungon region for their first baptism where about 40-50 people will be baptised in this new and flourishing church. Some dear friends are coming from Australia that week and they will come with Deb and I to witness these people going through the waters of baptism.

As people are pushed under the water, it is a vibrant picture of Jesus being placed into the tomb in death, and then when they burst forth out of the water it is a picture of Jesus bursting forth out from the grave. The great stone miraculously beamed out from the mouth of the tomb and the Living Christ, our Saviour coming back to life having paid for our sin, and God accepting his payment for us.

So our dear ones – We wish you a Merry Christmas and a really great 2023 – Remember the one who was laid in a manger as a babe and then laid on a cross as a fully grown man —- for you and for me.

Love and Blessings from Deb and I — xxxooo