March Board Update

On 23rd March the monthly meeting of our Committee of Managers and Elders (the board) was held.

Operations Manager Update

Tim Collard, the Operations Manager, updated the board on his role. His update included the presentation of a 5 year Capital Works Plan, to help in budget planning over the next 5 years. The board thanked Tim for his contribution to the life of Living Church, and joined in prayer for him.

Outdoor Project Update

The board received an updated report from Mal Griffin (as chair of the outdoor project committee). The committee have been working with the preferred tenderer to adjust the scope of the project to fit the approved budget. The board have asked that the committee seek advice from the finance team regarding funding options, and present the new scope to the congregation for approval.

Please keep an eye out in the near future as the committee seeks your involvement, and continue to pray for wisdom and guidance.

Ministry Planning 2021-23

At the February meeting, the board confirmed the next step in the 3 year ministry planning process is for the staff to engage the congregation for input in enhancing and enacting the Ministry Plan. The first round of this feedback has been gathered, and incorporated into the plan. The staff team will be working on taking this to the wider church in term 2.

Please pray for the staff team and the church leadership as they seek to honour God in all we do.

Elder Appointment

At our February ACM, the congregation voted to appoint John Wallace as an Elder Elect of Living Church. John’s ordination and induction as an elder will take place at the 9am Sunday Service on 11 April 2021. We invite everyone to come along to support and celebrate John in this.

Edict for Ordination or Induction of Elders

John Wallace having been duly elected to the office of the Eldership in this Congregation, intimation is hereby given that if any person has any objection to offer to the admission of John Wallace into this office they are requested to lodge their objection in writing with the session clerk, on or before Wednesday 7 April 2021 with certification that, if no relevant objection is lodged and substantiated, the ordination and induction and admission of John Wallace to the eldership in this congregation will be proceeded with at the 9am Carina service at Living Church Creek Road on Sunday 11th April according to the laws of the Church Attested by me this 23rd March, 2021 – Phil Strong, Session Clerk

Please pray for John as he takes on this role and serves our church in this way.

Stewardship Review

The Finance Manager provided the board with a review of how our church approaches the wider topic of stewardship, with some recommendations we can incorporate into our ministries in the future. Some of these suggestions include pledge campaigns, using our communication channels to tell stories and encourage people to think about their generosity, and using Wealth With Purpose Financial courses to educate, encourage and challenge each other.

Church Life Event

With COVID19 restrictions, Ministry Dinners were indefinitely postponed last year. At the February meeting, the board received a proposal to reinstate a quarterly evening event to start the term together. These will replace what used to be the Ministry Dinner, and will be aimed at building healthy culture, community, and connection.

Keep an eye out for our first event, to be held Wednesday 21 April, and pray that God will use these events to strengthen his church.

Events at the Ministry Centre

The board received requests for the use of the Ministry Centre, and have approved

  1. QTC Graduation Ceremony (25 March)
  2. PCQ General Assembly (June)
  3. Salvation Army Church In-person Services (May and June) that their facility is too small to hold under current COVID restrictions.

It is a privilege to be able to offer our facilities to our partners in the gospel. Please pray for these upcoming events.