Living Church Prayer – 31 March 2022

  • Praise God for the baptisms last Sunday. Thank him for the commitments and promises made, to God and each other. Pray for wisdom, perseverance, patience, and love as we now strive to keep them – encouraging, equipping, and exhorting our brothers and sisters.
  • Pray for those in Northern NSW who are once again facing floods. Pray for comfort as they grieve and
  • Pray for our Holiday/Easter series – that it will be a valuable opportunity for people to hear the bigger story of the bible, how God has been present throughout the ages, and how Jesus is the fulfilment of all that came before. Pray for Chris as he brings us the message this week on Creation.
  • Pray that as we head into Easter, there will be opportunities to share with family, friends, and colleagues about what we believe, and who we are in Christ. Pray for boldness and clarity, and for the Spirit to go before us.
  • Pray for Kids Community Connect
    • Pray for the team as they prepare curriculum, up front content, activities and games. That it would clearly point people to Jesus.
    • Pray for planning – everything from logistics to setting up admin processes. Pray for patience and smooth paths.
    • Continue to pray that we can come together as a church community to make this week happen, and that God will raise up people to take on all the tasks that need doing.
    • Pray for the families that each of us know and can invite. Pray that God will be working in their lives and hearts to bring them along.