Living Church Prayer – 28 April 2022

  • Remember the Staff team this coming week as they plan for term 3 – pray that God will be at work in and through them, and that in everything they seek God’s good will and plan.
  • Pray that as our Friday night ministries kick off this week that lots of young people can come along and meet Jesus, and join our community
  • Continue to remember those in our congregation who are struggling with illness. Pray God will bring peace in affliction, and healing. Pray for the comfort of knowing that in Jesus a victory has already been won.
  • Praise God the Howells are back in the Philippines. Continue to pray for the work over there, particularly in the Malitbog region, and in Baungon as they build their church building. Pray that they can pick up relationships quickly as they settle back into the life and work in the Philippines. Pray for the village affected by the water contamination. Pray that they can be trusting God and trusting in his plan and justice. You can find more details in their update.
  • Pray for Kids Community Connect
    • Pray that as registrations open, God will be bringing kids to hear about his love for them. Pray that our communications and messaging will reach people.
    • Continue to pray that we can come together as a church community to make this week happen, and that God will raise up people to take on all the tasks that need doing.
    • Pray for the families that each of us know and can invite. Pray that God will be working in their lives and hearts. Pray that God can be preparing the path for kids to come along.

Don’t forget you can stay up to date with prayer needs, and submit you’re own prayer requests with the Living Church App. These points are posted each week so you can pray for them wherever you are.