Living Church Prayer – 22 April 2021

For our Church

  • Pray for the board as they meet on Tuesday night to discuss and wrestle with issues affecting our church.
  • Thank God for a lovely time as a church family on Wednesday night at Church Life. Thanks for the opportunity to sit in God’s word and discern the why of church.
  • Pray for the staff team as they have planning days for the Term 3 series next week

For our world

  • Leading into ANZAC Day, pray for the people who serve in our defense forces, and pray for Army Chaplains as they seek to support and show God’s love to our soldiers.
  • Pray for the countries around the world in the midst of second, third, and fourth waves of COVID19. Pray for Christians in those areas to remain faithful and confident in the victory Jesus has won for us. Pray that as they take that peace and faith out into their communities that God would be seen, known, and glorified.