Living Church Prayer – 11 March 2021

  • Acknowledge God as the loving father who shows us patience, love, mercy, and compassion
  • Thank God for the sacrificial gift of Jesus’ death and resurrection

For our Church

  • Pray for each other as we prepare our hearts to hear the message this Sunday. Pray that we can grasp the significance of the arrival of Jesus’ kingdom. Pray for Ryan as he speaks to us
  • Pray for patience and wisdom as we wait for a Pastor. Pray that we can submit to the plan that God has for our church.

Our Denomination

  • Pray for the special assembly being held on Monday and Tuesday. Pray for the attitude of Christ to shape their time together – their hearts, minds, and decisions
  • Pray for the PCQ review process.

Mission Partners

  • Pray for Steve and Saeko Manders as they go through a period of transition in their ministry. Pray for wisdom and patience as they figure out how to organise home assignments. Pray for Emilie who has started uni this year.